If you have, type:. General You will need to download quite a few packages to get this thing running. If your kernel refuses to build correctly, try to do a: You will need only one of them to get things working! The firmware to be loaded into the modem. Troubleshooting When I plug in my modem, nothing happens. The current developement version is available via anonymous cvs replace modulename with speedtouch.

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When I plug in the modem and it reaches sync, the system hangs. Upgrade your mgmt module to the latest version. It is possible to have your system automatically dial in when your modem is plugged in.

Most providers support one protocol, some both. Please write to the mailing list if it does not work perfectly. It should look something like: Debian users can use alien to change rpm packages into the Debian deb format.


If dependency problems are stopping you from installing the SuSe packages, you can try recompiling the source rpms that SuSe provides. As a quick check you can type: If you are using Mandrake 8.

Alcatel SpeedTouch USB ADSL PPP Free Driver Download

Building and Installing the Kernel After configuring, this is easy! Finally, you will need to install an appropriate hotplugging script: The output should be something like: The driver itself consists of two different parts.

Both LED’s green for a very short period. Sounds like a bug in the kernel module.

Now, go to the kernel directory. It should all “just work”. If you plug in a USB device, the console should give something like: If you have, type: Some possible tweaks Running apcatel hotplugging.

If you can choose, PPPoA has the least overhead and thus best performance Go to plp kernel directory. This contains everything you need to get a speedtouch modem working under linux, including configuration files.

Linux kernel driver for SpeedTouch USB modems

VC pppd ;; remove killall mgmt ;; esac Remark: C AlcatelVersion 1. If you want to dial in to your ISP, do the following: Now we compile and install the brctl utility, cc -o brctl brctl You are using the Alcatel managment tool Version 1.


Running the driver If everything went according to plan, the driver should start as soon as you plug in the Aocatel USB modem. If you have, type:.

HowTo : Connecting by Conexant USB Adsl (pppoa)

If you wish to do this, you have to insert the speedtch. Do not worry, we only need the header files. Go to the directory where the kernel needs to be compiled.

Both parts were originally released by Alcatel’s modem branchnow part of Thomson Multimedia.

Last modified: March 20, 2020