Label Length Meter Loading Ribbon Loading Ribbon Note: Look for a small pin hole that only then end of an unbent paper-clip will fit into. Hold down the power button for 3 minues drain the basic settings established and the power through the batteries that’s maintaining them 4. Advanced Installation And Adjustment 5. RTC Battery Replacement 1. During turning the Cam of cutter, release the blade from paper and them remove the paper from the cutter.

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Assemble the related components for both left and right sides. It allows users or engineers to verify and debug the program.

20 Most Recent Argox X Thermal Label Printer Questions & Answers – Fixya

X series printers use ribbon wound ink-side in as default. Printing A Configuration Report It allows users or engineers to verify and debug the program. The front panel includes: These include pin assignments, protocols and detailed information about how to properly interface your printer with your host or terminal. The pin assignment of serial cable is different from PC.

Remove the top covers on both left and right sides. Insert the core onto the ribbon pick-up spindle. Then install the ribbon Print Head Pressure Printing quality can be fine adjusted based on which area on the label the printing quality discrepancy is located.


After the cutter is installed, install media and ribbon. Buttons Function Press to enter setting mode.

Make sure the peeler sensor is out of the ribbon path when installed. Page 54 Ethernet indication: I guess I’m just a glutton for pounishment. Switching Ribbon Wound Ink-side Out Or Ink-side In Switching Ribbon Wound Ink-side in or Ink-side out The printer is produced to suit flexible applications, no matter with ribbon wound ink-side in manufacturing defaultor with ribbon wound ink-side out. Please note, as shown in Fig. The default setting when shipped from Argox factory is shown as Figure 2 — the two arrows are in line with the black line.

Clean the print head. Turn off the printer before cleaning. Posted on Aug 21, Be the first to answer.

Argox XVL (TT) Industrial Barcode Label Printer

Page 6 possible damage. Zebra Xi4 Barcode Label Printer. This section can be referred to, for X-Series to use transfer thermal printing. If that don’t help seeries to clean the sensors. Click on the link then click on downloads then drivers. Posted on Sep 03, Be the first to answer. Figure 3 Dispenser Module Peel Lever Insert the ribbon roll onto the ribbon supply spindle.


Printing Wrinkle During printing, ribbon may wrinkle and cause abnormal printing quality. Insert the left side of dispenser bracket and secure the three Button Function 1 Function 2 Press the button and The user-friendly print mechanism lets you easily adjust ribbon pressure and print quality by hand—no need for seris tools.

Argox X-1000VL User Manual

Page 63 Instead of the flash prompt above, another way to install Seagull driver is to run the DriverWizard utility from the Installation Directory where the Seagull driver files locates. Windows with bundled printer driver and for continuous media.

Print Head Print Line Position When the label only exhibits locally inferior printing quality and the ribbon is not wrinkled, the position of the print head shall be xwllent, and the adjusting position is shown as Fig.

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