Supported operating systems bit and bit: You can use these 20 licenses additionally on 20 other PCs, as long as is guaranteed that a total of maximum 20 different TAPI-Lines are used. The configuration of the TAPI driver is available via: Third party means that TAPI is setting up the whole call and isn’t specifically associated with the called or calling party. If you want to observe 19 phone lines with one PC, then you need 2 x ten-license. Is tapi working through AMI? Support for predictive dialers:

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Installation Asterisk Server Configuration Help for driver configuration dialogs Configuration examples: Supported since Release 1. What the command to use it for that?

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If you dial a phone number from a TAPI application, your phone is called first and as soon as you pick up the destination number is dialed.

Exabot [Bot]Google [Bot] and 1 guest. Do you know any website to check the TAPI integration with asterisk?


Users browsing this forum: The configuration of the TAPI driver is available via: Acd agent status control: How to install tapi in asterisk? For snom phones, you can activate a direct control mode – this allows to initiate calls in hands-free mode and to accept incoming calls. Is there any hardware needed to use tapi with asterisk?

Now i made a call using Digium telephonic PRI card. See comments on make predictive calls. ACD agent status control features.

Dial destination to fast transfer a call. Current version is Saterisk you want more information PM me. This is first time i am using tapi.

TAPI for Asterisk

Do you have a specific application that supports TAPI that you need to interface with? Most people would use AMI directly. We are interested into knowing what different configurations have been tested, what is missing and tzpi there is something to fix sure there is.

A single line can be easily configured through the control panel but you can also configure multiple lines via registry parameters see note.


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See comments on make predictive calls Acd agent status control: I have connected with tapi with AMI. See “ACD integration below” Call recording control: Is this an office politics thing? See “ACD integration below”. You find additional infos at: Is tapi working through AMI?

But i dont know how to use TAPI with asterisk. If you let us know we may try to fix it. Supported operating systems bit and bit: Board index All times are UTC. Please drop a message in the forums and tell us how Activa for Asterisk worked for you. Please provide me the weblink.

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