After that I just ran through the Howto on the Beryl site: And this seems okey, and in-line with the guide. According to one search result, it could be you are using the wrong driver. BTW, the instructions are really really close to being done. This could mean only one thing, in my opinion – corrupt Xorg installation.

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I guess the other guy’s suggestion was right after all can’t remember his name. I can’t tell the difference between 16bit and 24bit, and you’ll have to pry my x from mobiloty cold, dead fingers!

You shouldn’t have a complete crash with glxinfo. It runs OK, but you can’t expect a card with 8 MB of video memory to be smooth with all the fancy animations and it does a lot better than I expected.

Hightech Information System Ltd.: I am attaching my Xorg. The M7 model seems to be much better then the M6 model makes senseso the FPS on those cards are obviously different. I keep you informed: So let’s get started.

I don’t really care any more, but any of you should post here whether they had any crashes at all since following this guide. I will try to get results out to you by tomorrow, but things have mobilit so busy I haven’t been able to do stuff I want to do. So i blame my graphic accelarator.


ATI Mobility Radeon-P

We get out some sources and compile. And, yes, a reinstall after trying different guides with different drivers is probably a good idea. The problem with complete freezes is that no logs are made, and I absolutely depend on logs to figure things out.

Received signal 15, shutting down cleanly Dec 15 However, in my syslog I have Dec 15 Again, thanks for the input! Your case is closed, unless you have any errors that might m6c/p.

ATI Mobility Radeon – Tech

I modified the xorg. I’ll do some other tests and post results later.

I had a mobioity of trouble with the Dapper version of Ubuntu because of some problems with the radeon-driver and dual screen set-up, but these seem to have been corrected with the final Edgy.

D Anyway, yea, the fact that your xorg.

I have also an ati mobility radeon m9but same as chip as in my HP nx But I don’t know why M6-d/p can’t install beryl, and get working with it I have come to a point where glxinfo, glxgears freezes the machine. I did notice when I booted from the LiveCD that it worked just fine.


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If you are talking about Beryl, then yes, there is plenty of lag. Beryl is a new window manager that provides different cool stuff for your desktop. We’ll be making backups of everything that is overwritten, so if you need to you can revert anything here! I despise the “edgily” joke – it’s way overused.

I also noticed that in the tutorial it the first steps of n6-c/p. Generally people say not to set this, but it makes the M6 LY card more stable.

Revisions May 12, – Added Feisty support, and made some minor modifications everywhere. Hello, sudo apt-get build-dep xserver-xorg-driver-ati This didn’t work for me on edgy Is it possible to check out how much m6-c/l my card has?

Yes, you help by posting your issues.

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