Anonymous We have the exact same question. Comments for Yamaha DGX and soundfonts. Sep 08, Rating. Dec 15, Rating. Yamaha dgxms keyboard question, i would like to order this item online. Please understand we are not an arm of the Yamaha Corp.

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Jun 26, Rating. I play the keyboard with both hands in my own way. Mar 31, Rating Answer by: The soundfont files cannot be transferred via midi.

Comments for Yamaha DGX – how can i open a backup file?? May 27, Rating.

Yamaha DGX-230 Grand Piano – Can it EXPORT multi-part MIDI files for use in computer DAW/sequencer?

Is not “freedom to choose” and capitalism great! Hope this helps you. If you look over by the time in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen you should see a little gray speaker mii that says “Volume” when you mouse over it.


Go here to buy a Yamaha keyboard.

Yamaha DGX keyboard

Sep 25, Rating. It references drivers and various software apps included with the DGX Jun 26, Rating did you find a solution? What is the difference between the two accept for the lessor price of the DGX? It’s a money making trick. I am torn between DGX because of its graded keys compared to PSR’s organ like keys and also between 76 keys and 61 keys.

Dec 12, Rating drivers by: Jan 14, Rating same question by: Dec 07, Rating. It is done in order to order to increase sales and hence, profits.

Jan 07, Rating. Yamaha DGX Adaptor for v by: You shouldn’t need 20, although it might be a nice thing to hang onto in case you ever do need one. Oct 28, Rating. Dec 23, Rating.

DGX230 Midi connection problem

I asked Yamaha support the same question and this is the answer I got. Feb 02, Rating.


The key indicates that has been played on the console, but not audible sound is played. Dec 27, Rating New Keyboard by: Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. Click here to add your own comments Join in and write your own page!

Then I think Yamaha shouldn’t do so fgx confuse people. I’ve used the instruction booklet, but I must be missing something DGX – – Grand Piano – weak soft high tones, where as lower tones much louder? Please, Yamaha, what’s the difference beside the names? If so what do you need to do it?

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