New packaging and the old version of FC card has very different color from the previous white primary colors turned gray, the picture for the new burner adjustments have been made, and many of my friends will find their names also have some differences: I have to say, I love the packaging as well as the bonus accessories. Keep in mind however that the built-in moonshell is based on the 1. The information about malfunctions is vague and scattered across many forums. All I can say it either doesn’t work, and if it does work it is such a hassle to set up that not many users will be able to use it. By continuing on this website, we assume that you agree to our general terms and conditions regarding our use of cookies.

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G6 DS Real USB Reader

readef The new product in the operating mode the as far as possible retention tradition, in the function has made each kind of improvement. Both use action replay cheats with support for a few other formats and both supply a number of pre-made cheats.

Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day! As far as i know yes. Inside the cheat tab there are all the cheats available for the game you are going to run which can be selected both via stylus and buttons. The fist bug is that the language is Japanese but you can easily change it to English that way.


DS Fire Link | F-Card NDS

Either way, you get into the G6DS Real menu at some point. Yes sleep mode works perfectly.

Once again, the G6 team relies on the older G6 menu designs. There is also another solution possible that I’ve been told.

G6DS Real for NDS Roms Review

Relativly hard to learn menu system. Not much difference there. Instead of pressing a button you can select graphically if you want to boot another NDS card or if you want to boot a GBA slot solution.

Do you want high compatibility with official games without having to set save sizes when not available in the database etc. Credits to Drackel for this tip. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The first problem you will run into is that homebrew started from the “NDS game” menu will not boot at all. I’ve been trying everything I can think of but gds does not work for me.

It was not surprising that they would release a slot 1 version of their cart, and that they boast that it would be the best, however, the surprising news of the price is what shocked users. What tools I need to play backups on DS Lite? Yes indeed the 2GB is cheaper if we keep in mind the double rael capacity. No problems, so save setting, it just works.

In both reqder those points however the G6 is slightly better, compatibility with official games is higher and it detects save size automatically very usefull with recently released games. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Once in the game-info screen you must set the cheat file from which you want the G6 unit to load it’s cheats.


Aside from those two points and the slightly rwal thickness the G6DS real card matches an original card close to perfectly in shape and color. The options that will be displayed are: How much storage capacity the G6DS Real have?

This Mode is designed for future functions. Remember that if you want to use the features of Soft Reset and Cheat you must place all. On the back of the box, the list of features was so incredibly long that a whole side of the box was dedicated to this font size 8 writing. In order for you to use a different save file then the one you are currently using however you have to set it to default as with the G6DS real. The packaging is composed out of a sort of folder with three thick cartboard sides top, bottom, side.

DS Fire Link – the No.

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