In fact, the two sound very close in performance which meant that once again, I was nailed to my listening seat for much longer than I intended. We build you a great Hi-Fi System. Many thanks to Pietro at M2Tech for this fix. This will not require a signature, but goods will be left at your premise and the delivery company will take no responsibility for them beyond this point. Bring in your plans.

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Jason, You’ve lived with a wonderful music room for years, and just as your system has reached its current zenith, you’re moving on!

As the hiFace DAC costs only euros, and produces excellent results from an older PC running a free operating system and music playback software, it sac gets my vote for the best budget playback component, although the sound quality is anything but budget! I have tested it and it appears to work – even after a reboot. Power cables were Synergistic Research for the Synergistic Research chain, and Nordost Odin for the rest of the equipment.

But I realized that would be far too tacky. And, as with the iDAC, this all made the music sound very real.

hiFace DAC by M2Tech Audio

On checkout you have the option of niface Authoirty to Leave. Thanks to two quartz precision oscillators used on M2Tech hiFace DAC, clock source for internal interface to the conversion IC features a very low jitter. Of course, sound quality is heavily dependent on the headphone impedance curve reactance and sensitivity.


It is worth noting that at the time of writing some versions of Linux may hifave work with these two DACs. In fact it demonstrated the superiority of hi-res material better than most of the DAC’s I had tried previously, the iDAC being the exception.

M2Tech Hi Face Dac

Hence, I never performed the comparison. As for why I introduced Harmonic Tech into the Nordost chain instead of sticking with Nordost Odin throughout, the answer is simple: Just connect it to your Mac, iPad or Linux computer and it will be immediately visible in the devices list and ready to use.

Written by Andrew Everard.

And a big wink to Steven on the Tranquility Bases. And on another positive note, it also shows that the iDAC was no fluke, and that the standard of this type of audio source is getting noticeably better as time goes on. Become one of us. Audio, from whose ad revenues he hhiface an income. High, in your face. Please, log in or register.

About Us Customer Service. In terms of being a hi-fi bargain, the answer is surely – YES! Use the M key to toggle the mute function so that you see the following:.


M2Tech Hi Face Dac. But, as much as a move isn’t easy, it does feel as though Liberation Day is finally approaching. The unit only handles PCM.

hiFace DAC by M2Tech Audio – M2TECH AUDIO BV

The 5th generation iPod Touch is a terrific bargain providing an inexpensive playground from which to experiment with dingus DAC compatibility. Submitted by JayPee on July 31, – 4: Welcome and nice review Jason. With hi-res material, the hiFace DAC sounded even more superb. We try to dispatch all goods within 48 hours however from time to time the stock in store runs out before we have a chance to update the website. The Christmas Music Mix.

Unless Michael and I find products that can be reviewed adequately on my desktop system, and our temporary quarters allow me to play music loud enough to write good reviews, my contributions will be minimal for the next number of months.

Cac Uniti Atom sits pretty.

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