Fail message ; You can have assertion method with an additional String parameter as the first parameter. Could you pls give me more info.. Assert is a method useful in determining Pass or Fail status of a test case, The assert methods are provided by the class org. Thinkwareglobal’s Blog Just another WordPress. If the condition in Assert.

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If the condition in Assert. If an assert fails, it throws an assertionError. Learn Applet Testing with Selenium Testing Your Mobile Apps with Selenium 2 Assert is failing because assertEquals is trying to compare an WebElement with a string.

So, Store the respective element in a variable and then use getText method on the element, which would return a webdrivsr and then call assertEquals which compares both strings. Also, you have seen the examples of assert statements.


Which shows that if all assert statements return true, then the test GUI will return a true result and if the single test fails it will return a failed result. Selenium 2selenium webdriverTestNG Tutorialstestng. Do you want to achieve the BEST training and qualifications? Hi Ajinkya Kale, I didnt get you. In Junit, test suite allows us to aggregate all test cases from multiple classes in one place and This Assertion verifies if the object under test is null, and the passes the same if the result is so.

Working with organizations to develop sustainable and thriving workplaces and people. Selenium WebDriver basics till Advance Level. He loves to be with his wife and cute little kid ‘Freedom’. In the first condition, I take a title value correctly and use assertEquals statement and in the second condition, I take incorrect title value to deliberately throw the exception.

Annotation is a special form of syntactic meta-data that can be added to Learn How to automate Silverlight applications using Selenium Enterprise WordPress hosting, support, and consulting – WordPress VIP Our best-in-class enterprise WordPress hosting platform, expert consulting and support, and diverse partner ecosystem free you to focus on your business objectives.


Learn how to work with ANT?

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If both values match then its fine and will continue execution. Assert ; import org.

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