It’s all numbers right? Done Building dependency tree Reading state information Did you execute these commands step by step? Im pretty sure the reason my sytem was freezing when i ran the: You must enter the channel twice, e. Open a terminal and type the following commands sudo apt-get install build-essential get core files sudo apt-get install libssl-dev get supporting library wget http: Can you please tell me step by step how to put each command into the terminal

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Is aircrack-ng compatible with Intel pro/wireless abg – Ask Ubuntu

It’s all numbers right? It would be something like this: User Tools Log In. When I put this command in the terminal: How do I go about this. Windows Server is the newest release of server operating system from Microsoft.

DEPRECATED – iwl3945

I reviewed the erlier posts but ive had no luck rectifying it. You can use the -tvv option to test integrity of such files.

I have had a good google, but I have not been able to find any concise instuctions for doing so using Ubuntu?? ERROR while getting interface flags: Post as a guest Name.


Right time to backtrack a little. Hey Ali Mahmoudy I have got my inteel patched and working in monitor mode. Sorry i haven’t been online for a few days.

Then you continue with the steps, by typing cd ipwraw-ng you kode the specified directory. It’s probably too old for the Karmic kernel. I then use this command to load the new Driver: It’s because your’re currently using the wirless card. I understand I need to update the driver for the above card, and this is where my problem lies??

You should see something like ipwraw, and the iwl and iwlwifi should not be on the list.

Now you should have an upgraded driver available. Windows Server – What is new?

promiscuous mode for intel ABG wireless |

I’ve been pluging away for a good day of mojitor to get this driver patch applied successfuly Thanks agian for the clear concise advice. It’s not what you know it’s who you know Well as you can see, the ipwraw drivers is loaded correctly, and the intel driver isn’t. Before using the card with aircrack-ng, you must create a monitor interface, using the command airmon-ng start wlan0 where wlan0 is the interface name of the card.


Error exit delayed from previous errors What does this mean???

Thank’s again for the help Much appreciated. We have had good luck with the ipwraw driver from aircrack. It was running fine untill a while ago and know i canot seem to intfl it into monitor mode agin. Do you know if this is true?

Awesome jokes about economic crisis Why gas prices are so low? Is there a quick way to Change the connection settings on the other Laptop The One we just updated the driver on So that I can post the Output from the coomands you just gave me.

I got these steps from search results on google, you should try it sometime. Hi I followed the instruction in http:

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