Type sudo airodump-ng wlan0 and see what it says You need to put the card in monitor mode first. I know mate i suppose it’s my slightly sarcy english wit. Okay i used the: It is possible the links below are not related to this page, but you can be certain you will find related posts in the discussion forum. Is there a quick way to Change the connection settings on the other Laptop The One we just updated the driver on So that I can post the Output from the coomands you just gave me. Windows Server – What is new? How do I go about this.

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Managed and monitor mode support in one driver.

Glad to help inrel out dude. User Tools Log In. The following information may help to resolve the situation: Well you seem the have skipped the modprobe -r step.

Okay i’ll check the link out. I look forward to your replies. Hi, I have an Intel abg card and using wirelews. Good tip NoOne, it’s good that things have progressed well They are known of being a bit picky with the modules that are getting installed on them -just kidding. Im a sorter newb.


Enabling Packet Injection – For Intel PRO/Wireless ABG – GNU/Linux – An Unexpected Journey

I think it might have something to do with when I reboot my system. And it’s pr rang more true than now. Stuck at last step: This happens because libssl-dev is complimentary to build-essential in other words, it comes out of it.

Well let me explain a little bit. Im posting my next questions before I get your last answers I can get my card into monitor mode even after a reboot Sorted BUT I cannot set inteo back to managed mode?

Well when you received that error, it said that ipwraw-ng is a directory. Second, we have to talk about the legality of WEP cracking.

Downloads for Intel® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG Network Connection

But by the way It’s all working like a charm Sign up using Email and Password. We have had good luck with the ipwraw driver from aircrack. He showed me how to put my card into managed mode, up until I reboot. I have got package injection running perfectly.


Wirwless suggest you use backtrack or wifiway. Thank’s again for the help Multiple interfaces on one device – use the aircrack suite on a monitor interface while remaining associated on a managed interface. And you’re using aircrack right? May I know what is the problem please? I am using Aircrack Yes We have asked thi Wirelees like that phrase and i use it.

I think this is where my problems are? Windows Server is the newest release of server operating system from Microsoft. I am now at: I have decided to not broadcast my SSID.

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