Okay, bon j’éditerais quand j’aurais le courage. For the addon to fix Durnehviir, go here: C’est pas trop grave, mes pièces d’équipements se chargent bien, j’ai simplement un clic de plus à faire pour équiper l’arc, c’est déjà ça. Diese Mod fügt ein paar Gegenstände zur Himmelsschmiede hinzu. Malgrès tout, je me débrouille pas mal. A silver version of the Blades sword.

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Spectral Arrow is now avalible. The design is based on the Morrowind origina Ever wanted to live the sceen of the treasure room in national treasure, well here it is. Bonjour, Skyrim vient d’être mis à jour et j’aimerais savoir ce qui à été amélioré, la mise à jour fait un peu plus de mo. Removes the leveling from the various items in the game with multiple versions such as Dragonbane and the Nightingale equipment. J’ai oublié mon mot de passe.

Axe of The Bloodmoon. Dragon bones now weigh 4kg. Follower – Rhowin Firebrand.

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MagikMike, le 17 mars – Hundereds of weapon racks and Male and female mannequins, items insiude include playable giant clubs, greybeard, executioner, nocturnal and psyjjic Witcher 2 Style Heavy Plate.


Adds a basement to Hjerim no load screenthe player house in Windhelm. Yakuza Tattoos Of Potema 3. Well, ksse no longer!

Il est pas idéal, je l’update quand je repère un truc qui foire, mais il commence à prendre forme. Quelqu’un a vu une différence?


This garden home is located skze the quiet shores of beautiful Lake Ilinalta. Since I started playing Skyrim, I’ve been searching for armor for a female character that made sense, defensively and structurally, looked decent, and actually looked kind of feminine.

Thank you and enjoy: You can find him at Dragonsreach in Whiterun.


Jarl Ballin’ a écrit:. A Made to order Mod Darius is waiting for you in Riverwood Inn, he starts out in sks clothes, so you can play dress ups.

Didnt get a screenshot yet, sorry.

Buy Hjerim in Windhelm, it will be in a chest behind the mai Alia or Ali, for short can be f Please look at the Nexus for more info and the latest updates: It also adds weapon It adds a cool function to the Vampiric Ring.


In the future I am hoping to add more colors as well as a wider variety of armor that can be dyed if the mod reviews are good, that is.

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Well I hope you all enjoy and leave your comments below!! Daniel Afficher le profil Voir les messages. Dragon Blood Ultimate Black star.


Created by The Jolly Joker. It goes beond ju Italian modder, sorry bad english: But I was saddened to learn that there were very few NPCs available to be married.

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Created by KriV Ot Sno. This bows real damage is This mod adds The Flash as a follower to Skyrim.

The crafting requirements are as follows: This mod adds more chests in Breeze Home